4 post lifts: 4 Tn C-445H [13359] XL alignment runway with double hydraulic auxiliary lifting of 3.5 Tn.

    Mod. C-445H - Ref. 13359
    Net weightNet weightCurrent and<br>voltagesCurrent and
    Motor KwMotor KwSeconds<br>to raiseSeconds
    to raise
    4,000 kg1,950 kg400/230V - 3PH.
    Three phase
    3 kW40"180 mm2,000 mm4,800 x 630 mm

    Suitable for cars, vans and 4x4.

    Wide runways for working with dual tyres.

    *The double lifting system (C-443H and C-445H) is hydraulic, with capacity for 3.5 Tn and an elevation height of 500 mm (suitable for cars, vans and 4x4).

    XL runway of 4,800x630 mm.

    Auxiliary lifting 3,500 kg

    Our advantages:

    Low profile

    Our lifts have the lowest minimum height on the market, which means they can be used with shorter ramps to lift sports or low profile cars.

    Double T profile

    • Runways reinforced with double T welded steel beams.
    • Practically impossible to deform.
    • They withstand the load better over time.
    • They ensure the runway is perfectly flat, ideal for alignment and precise work.
    • Double T profile - 1
    • Double T profile - 2

    Safety multiplied by 2

    Cascos prioritise safety above all else and include a double safety system as standard with all posts :

    Mechanical safety: safety bar

    Pneumatic safety: rack with automatic safety devices

    • Safety multiplied by 2 - 1
    • Safety multiplied by 2 - 2

    Levelling alert

    CASCOS lifts have an indicator light that warns us if the runways are poorly levelled and ensures that the cylinder is working in perfect conditions, preserving it and prolonging its useful life.

    Quality and guarantee of the hydraulic system

    • Cylinders manufactured and checked one by one in our factory.
    • Five-year guarantee for the hydraulic system (consult conditions).

    Sliding with nylon rollers

    The alignment plates have a new sliding system with nylon rollers for more convenient and sensitive alignment that allows manual blocking at the centre of the runway.

    Convenience and efficiency

    • Manual lowering valves that allow the lift to be lowered in the event of a power cut or fault.
    • Adjustable lifting timer that can shorten the lowering times device depending on the load volume.

    Uniform elevation speed

    Flow regulation valve that achieves a uniform speed regardless of the load to which it is subjected.

    Thermal protection

    Our electric motors have thermal protection to prevent overheating.

    Safety micro-switches

    Micro-switches located at the ends of the crossbars that cut off the manoeuvre if there is a breakage, a voltage drop in the cables or an obstacle.

    Pre-bracket for 3D aligners

    We have accessories for Beissbarth 3D aligners that make alignment possible without having to change the lift.

    ISO 9001 quality certifications and IQNet

    In addition to manufacturing with the highest quality standards ISO 9001 since 1999, our lifts are standardised by the most prestigious certification bodies: Aenor, IQnet, Bureau Veritas and TüV Nord. 

    • RWTUV Germany ISO-9001
    • ISO 9001 registered company

    European regulation EN 1493:2010 and the directive 2006/42/EC

    Our lifts exceed the standardisation requirements  in design quality, materials, manufacturing processes, maintenance and optimum, safe and controlled operation of the lift.

    Each of our lifts includes an identifier of the valid  EC declaration of conformity that states that the product complies with the essential European standards and requirements in health and safety in conjunction with its instruction, revision and recommended maintenance books.

    • CE regulated lifts

    Manufacturer endorsement

    The main automobile manufacturers have endorsed Cascos lifts and placed their trust in them for their factories and networks of dealers.

    • Renault
    • Dacia
    • Nissan
    • Peugeot
    • Citröen
    • Mercedes - Factory in Vitoria, Spain