The company

Cascos Maquinaria S.A.U., located in Vitoria (Basque Country), in the North of Spain, close to the border with France.

It is an area with a significant industrial sector, which has led to multinationals from all over the world, such as Mercedes Benz, Michelin, etc., establishing themselves there due the high level of professionalism and quality.

The origins of Cascos in the world of lifts date back to the 1960s, and in 1982 Cascos Maquinaria S.A. was founded, a leader in the Spanish market devoted to the design, manufacture and marketing of vehicle lifts.

More than 50 years down the line, Cascos is proud to have grown side by side with their customers, transmitting their trust in our lifts. What is most important to us was and still is our commitment to quality and control in the manufacturing process, which has enabled us to be the “principal leader in lifting machinery” in Spain.

We export our lines of lifts to European countries such as France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, etc. and our policy of internationalisation has opened the door to markets in North Africa, America and Oceania.

Some of the factors that set our lifts apart are:

  • In-house manufacture: We control all of the manufacturing processes, from cutting to assembly, including welding and painting.
    This guarantees a high quality, reliable and safe machine.
  • Quality technical assistance service: Thanks to our control over the manufacture, and our obsession with providing the best service, our customers are never neglected. Quite the opposite, they know that their lift is a safe investment that will not fail them and that they will always have a network of technical services available to them.
  • Investment in R&D: In R&D, the experience accumulated during this time has made it possible for us to collaborate with some of Europe's top automobile brands. Through this, we have achieved maximum innovations possible in the sector in our lifts.

An example of this is our trusted partnership with the top manufacturers at European level such as the Renault Group, the PSA Group (Peugeot-Citroen), Mercedes Benz, VW-Audi, Nissan, brands that have approved us as their preferred suppliers or often ask us to join them in R&D projects. Similarly, we collaborate with leading companies in automobile maintenance and revision, such as Midas, Feu-Vert and Speedy. We have even opened lines of supply with the United Nations and the armed forces of various countries.

All of this would not have been possible without our customers' trust, which motivates us every day to continue improving our products, always with our original principles of reliability, quality and service.